A Simple Guide to Determining Your Cannabis Dosage & Tolerance

If you’ve browsed the shelves of products at our Cape Cod dispensary, you probably have an idea of all the different options available for your ultimate cannabis experience!

However, the key to optimizing your cannabis experience begins with determining the best cannabis dosage for you. Additionally, regular consumers must stay aware of their cannabis tolerance and how to reset their endocannabinoid system when needed.

Whether you’re a newbie consumer or an expert in recreational cannabis, understand the importance of cannabis dosing and tolerance in this ultimate guide from Hennep!

What are the Different Types of Cannabis Dosing? 

At our recreational cannabis dispensary in Cape Cod, you’ll find an abundance of different cannabis products in all forms – from vape cartridges, concentrates, and tinctures, to delicious edibles and potent flower.

While some of these recreational products, such as infused beverages or edibles, will come with suggested dosing on the cannabis packaging, other products like cannabis flower or vapes won’t.

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Learn the different standards of cannabis dosing and what to expect from each.

Cannabis Microdose

A microdose of cannabis typically starts from 1 – 2.5 mg. Typical effects felt include mild relief of pain or stress, with a heightened focus and creativity. With such a low dose, very mild psychoactive effects are felt. This makes it ideal for first-time consumers, or more experienced consumers interested in microdosing.

  • 1906’s Bliss drops are a great choice for microdosing cannabis edibles. The 1:1 ratio gives all the therapeutic benefits of both THC and CBD without the overwhelming high.

Light Cannabis Dose

A light cannabis dose can be anywhere from 2.5 – 15 mg. Depending on the precise dose amount, stronger relief of symptoms can be felt, including psychoactive effects. This is often an ideal dosage for those looking to address specific symptoms, such as sleep issues.

  • Each of CANN’s infused cannabis seltzers are spiked with 5mg of THC for a bubbly and elevated high. These products make an ideal replacement for alcohol, while still remaining on the lower side in its cannabis dose.

Moderate Cannabis Dose

Next, a moderate cannabis dose can reach anywhere from 30 – 50 mg. Considering it is a more moderate dose, strong euphoric and psychoactive effects can be expected. This is often ideal for consumers with a higher tolerance to THC, or looking to explore more full-spectrum cannabis products.

  • Cannabis flower can range in THC content depending on the specific strain or plant genetics. Brands like High Mark Provisions offer a selection of cannabis strains that boast THC levels that are ideal for a moderate cannabis dose.

High Cannabis Dose 

A high cannabis dose is usually around 50 – 100 mg. As a high dose of THC and other potent cannabinoids, those who consume a high cannabis dose in this range will feel severe psychoactive effects. This can often include an increased heart rate or nausea. This dosage amount is typically seen in users with a high tolerance to THC, or cannabis concentrates.

  • Like a treat from space, Moon Cake is a cannabis concentrate from Crispy Commission with a concentrated and potent THC content that is out of this world!

What are Some Factors Affecting a Cannabis Dose? 

With a general understanding of the different cannabis dosages offered in cannabis products at our Cape Cod dispensary, there are still several factors that contribute to determining your ideal cannabis dose.

Before consuming, consider the following:

  • What’s your method of consumption? Edibles will have a longer duration of effects than cannabis vape or flower. Determining this can help you decipher the right dosage.
  • What is the THC and CBD content? If you have your hands on a product with a high percentage of THC, start slow and low with your dose.
  • What are your past experiences with cannabis? Consider any previous interactions or experiences you’ve had with cannabis. Keep in mind any patterns or effects that you experienced with cannabis in the past.

How to Manage Your Cannabis Tolerance

A cannabis tolerance can happen just like any other drug or substance. When you’re building up a high cannabis tolerance, it means your body will continuously need more and more in order to achieve the same high experience.

One key sign of a cannabis tolerance build-up is experiencing a diminishing response to the same dose of cannabis over a lengthy period. If you find yourself consuming higher doses of cannabis but not achieving the same potent effects, you may have built up a high cannabis tolerance.

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If you do find yourself with an increasing tolerance to cannabis, consider the following:

  • Try a tolerance break! Otherwise known as “T-breaks,” intentionally abstaining or cutting back from cannabis consumption can help reset your body and restore your system’s sensitivity to cannabis and THC.
  • Explore other cannabinoids! While most cannabis products at our Cape Cod dispensary will have some sort of THC content, there are plenty of products that boast other cannabinoids. Try a product with a high CBD content during a tolerance break to give yourself some rejuvenation while resetting from THC.

To monitor and manage your cannabis tolerance, regularly assess your consumption patterns and consider tolerance breaks as proactive measures.

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Adjusting Your Cannabis Dosage 

When consuming cannabis, it’s important to remember just how complex and intricate this plant is. The potency and effects of cannabis vary widely among strains and individuals. With that being said, it’s crucial to keep in mind that no cannabis strain or product will have the same effect on every person.

Luckily, there are a few helpful ways you can gather more information to determine the best cannabis dose for you:

Keep a Cannabis Journal

Accurately and efficiently track your consumption patterns and effects in a cannabis journal. If you’re trying a new product for the first time, jot down some notes on what you liked about the high and what you didn’t. If you are increasing a cannabis dose, be sure to make a note of that and record any interactions or effects that come up for you.

By recording and documenting any new (or repeating) experiences you find yourself faced with when consuming, you are one step closer to putting the pieces together to finding the best dosage for the ultimate high!

Consult with a Budtender

Whether you are a Cape Cod local or in the Provincetown area, come visit our Massachusetts dispensary and speak with one of our budtenders about the kind of cannabis experience you’re looking for. Hennep’s team of budtenders are educated in our dispensary menu and eager to help you navigate your new journey with cannabis!

In all, creating a personalized approach to determining the best cannabis dosage will help minimize potential risks and enhance your overall cannabis experience.

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Tips for Safe and Responsible Cannabis Consumption 

A few things to keep in mind before entering our marijuana dispensary on Cape Cod:

  • In Massachusetts, the legal age for purchasing and consuming recreational cannabis is 21 years old.
  • If you are trying out a new cannabis product for the first time, start slow and low with your dose until you’ve reached the desired effects.
  • It remains illegal in Massachusetts to consume cannabis in public spaces.
  • Driving while impaired by cannabis is treated with the same seriousness as driving under the influence of alcohol. Be sure not to consume a large dose of cannabis before operating a vehicle.
  • Remember, staying informed and acting responsibly contributes to the overall well-being of both individuals and the community at large.

Explore Cannabis Dosing at Our Cape Cod Dispensary 

Next time you are curious about exploring a new cannabis product or understanding the range of cannabis dosing, stop by our Massachusetts recreational dispensary to explore your options! Our friendly staff of budtenders are ready to be your guides in navigating cannabis dosing.

Hennep Provincetown was awarded “Cape Cod’s Best Dispensary 2023” & “Cape Cod’s Best Dispensary 2022” because at Hennep, we do things differently. Our dispensary in Provincetown is proud to offer the highest cannabis education to help you get even higher. 

Explore our wide range of cannabis products on our recreational dispensary menu and order for pick up today!

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