The Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Edibles

According to MJBiz, cannabis edibles are dominating the U.S. legal cannabis market.

This is largely because edibles are such an approachable and exciting method of consuming cannabis, especially for newer users. 

Dab rigs or rolling your own joint can be intimidating or time-consuming. And sometimes, you just want that consistent, dependable, and fun-flavored experience. Not to mention, cannabis edibles are easy, discreet and convenient.

Of course, this is because the industry has come a long way from your college roommate’s brownies. Everything from how they’re made and which products to choose to how long it takes to feel its effects is ten times more clear than the old school DIY methods.

For instance, all the edibles sold at our Provincetown dispensary are tested for quality and consistency. In other words, you know precisely how much THC you are getting in every serving. 

Our Hennep budtenders have extensive knowledge of recreational cannabis products, so here’s your crash course on cannabis edibles:

How are cannabis edibles created?

Cannabis edibles can be created in a number of ways. Mainly, by infusing cannabis extract into an edible item (like a cookie or gummy) using cooking oil or butter that has cannabis extract, or by mixing extract directly in with other ingredients. 

Generally, cannabis oil needs something with a bit of fat to help it stick (emulsify) more effectively with the other ingredients. Doing this also creates a product with a better degree of bioavailability, A-K-A, you get more cannabis with every serving. 

What are the different types of edibles?

There is almost no way we can capture every single type of edible that’s out there. If you can eat (or drink) it, it can probably be made into an edible. However, we can share with you all the different types of cannabis edibles available at our Cape Cod dispensary.

In fact, we’ve upped our game and have the best quality and variety of edibles on the legal cannabis market. Here are some of our budtender favorites:


Cannabis and chocolate are a match made in both heaven and science. Both contain the natural endocannabinoid “anandamide,” which is also called the “bliss molecule.” In other words, cannabis and chocolate are made to make you feel good. 

The Kiva Dark Chocolate Bar contains 100mg of THC and tastes amazing. Chocolate is good for you, right? Yeah, we’ll take 3. 


Cannabis gummies are exploding in the market. There are countless combinations of flavors and cannabinoids to explore. Plus, gummies are discrete and convenient. 

We love the fast-acting Wanna Peach Belini Gummies, which are formulated with a specific blend of natural terpenes to speed up the onset. Consumers may feel effects in as little as 15 to 25 minutes.

Baked Goods

We mentioned your college roommate’s brownies– and it’s true that brownies are still popular today. Whether it is nostalgia or just deliciousness that keeps them top of mind, cannabis edibles can be in the form of your favorite desserts and baked goods. 

If you are ready to branch out from classic brownies, we have another classic for you to consider: cannabis cookies. Bubba’s Baked Goods Chocolate Chip Cookies are great with a glass of cold milk, any time of the day.


Cannabis drinks are great for a chill evening at home or with friends. If you prefer cannabis to alcohol, but still want to be a part of the scene, this is a great option. Not only do these deliver the effects of THC quickly, but it gives you more control over your experience, because you can sip slowly and at your own pace.

CANN and Theory Wellness both have multiple flavors of cannabis drinks with varying concentrations. Cannabis drinks may start to take effect a little faster than other edibles, but if you don’t feel the effects right away, we still suggest you give it a minute. 

Hard Candy

Who doesn’t love a good hard candy? You can choose to crunch or let your candy melt in your mouth, but it will affect the onset of the cannabis edibles. Sucking on hard candy gives the cannabinoids time to be absorbed into the bloodstream sublingually, which means faster onset. 

So, although crunching may be satisfying at the moment, taking your time with cannabis hard candy will give you a more efficient experience. At Hennep, our budtenders love Sundrift Hard Candy, which comes in three flavors: butterscotch, cinnamon, and watermelon. These are fast-acting full-spectrum cannabis edibles that are crafted in the Berkshires.

Frozen Treats

Ice cream is a lesser-known cannabis treat, but it’s here and it’s awesome. Cloud Creamery was the first licensed creamery in Massachusetts and we are happy to have several flavors in stock at our Provincetown dispensary. Whether you put it in a waffle cone or eat it straight out of a carton, this treat is sure to inspire happiness. 


Who said you couldn’t consume cannabis and have good breath? Cannabis lozenges come in several flavors, many of which are minty-fresh. Mr. Moxey’s Energize Cannabis Mints could easily be mistaken for Altoids. We’re not opposed to sharing, but if your co-worker asks for a mint after lunch, you might want to give them a heads up. 

What is the onset of edibles? 

As you can see, all these different types of cannabis edibles have their own ‘onset’. The onset of edibles refers to how long it takes to feel the effects of THC from the time it enters your system.

In other words after you take a serving of chocolate edibles or finish a can of CANN, how long is it going to take before you feel it? 

On average, it can take 45 minutes to an hour to feel the effects of cannabis edibles, but it can also take up to two hours. This general estimate is backed by research

Here is a general guideline of what you can expect:

We always recommend you start slow by taking a smaller amount and building up slowly to understand how your body responds.

What factors impact the onset of edibles?

Remember, the above is an estimated onset of edibles. The concrete answer for you depends on a number of things. 

For instance, unlike inhalation and sublingual use, edibles do not allow plant compounds to directly enter the bloodstream. They must pass through the stomach and liver first, and that usually means the onset of edibles may take a little longer.

So, if you’ve eaten a heavy lunch before you take a gummy, it may take a while before the THC kicks in.

You also have to take into account the amount that is consumed, method of consumption, other ingredients in the edible, size of the person, individual metabolic rate, tolerance to cannabis, and more. No two people are exactly the same. 

Most standard edible doses are between 5 and 10 milligrams per serving. You can find this information on the outer label and packaging of whichever cannabis edible you purchase. It is important to read the label because different products label their servings differently. 

If you need more clarification on this, ask our budtenders

How many edibles should I take? 

One thing you will learn again and again as you consume cannabis is that everyone is different. Your friends won’t experience the same product at the same dosage that you will. Cool, right?

It also makes it difficult to answer questions like this, which is why we recommend that you come in and talk to our budtenders to get personalized answers. However, in general, we recommend that you stick to a single serving (or less) to see how your body responds first. 

If you take a second dose after 15 minutes, you may wind up feeling paranoid, overwhelmed, or overall not having a great experience  – which we definitely don’t want!

Remember, the duration of the effects of THC last longer with cannabis edibles than with other product forms. It’s better to play it safe but starting with low doses and going slow than getting impatient. 

And as much as we all have a sugar-crazed inner child in us, we definitely don’t recommend ever having the whole bar of chocolate or jar of gummies!

Instead, make it fun. Take time out of your evening to explore your latest purchase and really understand how it can play a role in your routines or your recreation. 

Maybe it will take a few nights of experimenting before you understand how much you should take after you eat dinner versus before, and so on. In any case, be patient, start low, and go slow!

Speak to our cannabis edibles experts at Hennep Provincetown 

Our main priority at Hennep is to provide you with high-quality products and even higher-quality service. That’s why the budtenders at our Provincetown location are specially trained to meet your recreational cannabis needs. 

As an award-winning Cape Cod dispensary, we can help you find the right edibles for you, and make suggestions on how much to take, when to take it, and so much more. 

Come visit us in-person on the Cape or shop our selection online.

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