Here are the most frequently asked questions at Hennep. Our budtenders are extremely knowledgeable as well, so feel free to stop by our Provincetown dispensary if you have any additional questions or contact us for more help.

  • Can I order cannabis online?

    Yes! You can browse our online menu and check out right on our website. Once your order is confirmed, we’ll send you a text when it’s ready for pickup.

    Then, you can pop into Provincetown for quick, easy, breezy pickup and payment. We accept both cash and debit.

  • Do you take credit card?

    No. Due to industry regulations and federal legal status, we don’t accept credit cards. We accept cash and debit cards, and there’s a Bank of America ATM located close by at 299 Commercial St.

  • What do I need to shop recreational cannabis at Hennep Dispensary?

    You need to be at least 21 years old and have a valid government-issued photo ID, driver’s license, or passport. For more information on shopping at our adult-use dispensary in Provincetown, read our Beginner’s Guide to Massachusetts Recreational Cannabis.

  • Where can I find parking?

    You can park at one of the various public parking spaces in Provincetown. This includes staffed parking lots, metered zones, and more.

  • Can I bring my dog into the dispensary with me?

    We love pets and even have resident Hennep pups of our own, Royce and Rudy. We welcome well-behaved dogs on a leash when you visit our dispensary. 

    There may be other dogs in the store when you arrive, so please be mindful of your pup’s social behavior before deciding to bring them in with you. 

    Dogs (and children*) may not be left in vehicles or unattended at any time. 

    *State laws prohibit us from allowing infants, children, or any individuals into the dispensary who are under the age of 21 unless they are a licensed Massachusetts medical cardholder, accompanied by a caregiver who is over the age of 21

  • Can I open my cannabis product right after buying?

    It’s always exciting to purchase a new cannabis product. And as tempting as it may be to open it right away, you should wait.

    Traveling with cannabis is similar to alcohol, in that you’re not allowed to have an open container of product in your vehicle. 

    An “open container” is defined as having a package with a broken seal or a package from which contents have been partially removed. We suggest you wait to bring your products home. Or, better yet, put your newly purchased cannabis products in your trunk.

  • Can I travel with cannabis?

    Unfortunately, due to the federal status of cannabis, you cannot travel with cannabis across state lines. We advise you to read up on additional cannabis laws on the Massachusetts government website.

  • Can I have cannabis on the beach?

    Unfortunately, no. Cannabis consumption is only allowed on private property (such as your home or a privately owned beach) or in designated areas that permit smoking and/or vaping.

    Public consumption could result in fines and confiscation. Also, Provincetown is part of the 40-mile Cape Cod National Seashore, which means federal laws apply. Therefore, consumption on any of the P-Town public beaches may have more serious consequences.

  • Can I buy recreational cannabis if I’m visiting from out of state?

    Yes, you can buy recreational cannabis at our dispensary in Provincetown, even if you do not live in Massachusetts. You still need to present a valid, government-issued ID that verifies you’re 21+ years of age.

    The only catch is that all products purchased in Massachusetts must stay in the state. You can’t cross state (or country) lines with cannabis.

  • My product is broken or defective, can I return it?

    Absolutely! If something isn’t working correctly or you have an issue with a product, please call us at (774) 593-5172 or email [email protected] and we’ll help resolve it.

  • How much cannabis can I purchase in a day?

    According to the state of Massachusetts, you can buy up to one ounce per day.

  • What happens if I get too high?

    Stay hydrated, stay put, and listen to your body. Call or talk to someone you trust to help talk you through your experience. Focusing on your breath and on slow, intentional movements can help you stay calm. 

    Citruses like lemon, orange, and grapefruit can also help counteract some of the effects of THC. Try eating an orange or drinking lemonade.

  • Your menu has so many options! Where do I begin?

    We curate a variety of options for you so you can find the cannabis products that are best for your personal preferences. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options, we recommend speaking with our budtenders to get more insight into our menu.

  • There are many other dispensaries in Provincetown, what makes Hennep different?

    At Hennep, we believe in community. From the products we offer to the partners we work with, we curate an ethical experience for our Provincetown community. In fact, we recently won the 2022 Cape Cod’s Best Dispensary Award, as voted by our customers.

    Our team members customize your experience to your unique, individual needs so you can enjoy life with cannabis on your own terms. Whether you want to talk through your purchase with a knowledgeable budtender, or you just want to get in and out, we offer different shopping options to best serve you. 

    Come in and experience the difference today at 246 Commercial Street in Provincetown, MA.