Cannabis Drinks in Provincetown

Cannabis drinks - known as liquid edibles, canna-drinks, or drinkables - are rising in popularity in Massachusetts. On Cape Cod, the laid-back culture is conducive to relaxing and socializing with a drink in hand. And now that drink can include the benefits of cannabis. For a tasty way to consume THC, visit our dispensary in Provincetown for an alternative to traditional edibles.

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Cannabis-Infused Drinks

Cannabis drinks are a casual way to consume with the added benefit of precise dosing. In some situations, drinking cannabis may be more socially acceptable than smoking. And it’s certainly more predictable than your neighbor’s homemade special brownies. 

Have you seen the growing trend of non-alcoholic beverages such as mocktails and sparkling juices? Cannabis-infused drinks are a great alternative to alcohol. 

Relax and unwind with the desired effects you’ve come to enjoy from other consumption methods like pre-rolls or tinctures. Drinks are also ideal for beginners, who may not be ready yet for a method like concentrates.

Consuming Canna-Drinks

Depending on how the THC emulsifies (mixes) in your chosen drink, it can take anywhere from 15-45 minutes to feel the effects. Additional natural compounds such as different cannabinoids, energy boosters, and sleep aids can help you achieve specific results depending on your needs. 

Cannabis drink additives are a great way to control the amount of cannabis you want to consume. This method also allows you to be creative with your drink concoctions. Add to juices, sports drinks, teas, and more to make a unique canna-drink.

Popular Cannabis Drinks You Can Buy at Our Provincetown Dispensary


Cantrip is a low-dose cannabis seltzer. Each 12 oz. can contains 3mg of THC and 2mg of CBD. Flavors are made with terpenes and flavorings to blend with the cannabis taste so it becomes unnoticeable. Try lemon basil, grapefruit hibiscus, or another flavor!


Don’t wait for the fun to begin on Cape Cod. With a Hi5 cannabis seltzer, you’ll feel the effects in about five minutes. These drinks have zero calories, natural fruit flavors, and 5mg of THC in every can. Try watermelon, strawberry margarita, or another flavor!


Hennep carries a variety of cannabis drink brands, including Cann seltzers, the California native brand. Shop our selection of their current flavors such as Orange Cardamon, Ginger Lemongrass, or Grapefruit Rosemary.

Good Feels

Good Feels seltzers and beverage enhancers are perfect for micro-dosing. The seltzers provide a manageable experience for great nights and even better mornings. The enhancers are fast-acting and have a clean, consistent taste.

Ready to Shop Cape Cod Cannabis Drinks?

If you are searching for cannabis drinks or want to learn more about this method of consumption, come see us at Hennep’s dispensary on Cape Cod. Our trained staff will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Browse our menu and choose from our selection of tasty cannabis drinks.

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