The Ultimate Guide to Buying Recreational Cannabis on Cape Cod

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Recreational Cannabis on Cape Cod

Since Massachusetts legalized recreational cannabis in 2016, Cape Cod has become a safe haven for dispensaries. In fact, there are about a dozen cannabis retail stores scattered throughout the Cape.

Adult-use dispensaries are easy to find, but what if you’re new to cannabis? Or curious about what really happens inside those dispensaries? 

Hennep has your back. 

Whether you just like to be prepared before going somewhere for the first time or you want to learn a little more about recreational cannabis on the Cape, here’s the ultimate guide to buying. 

What to expect when going to a recreational cannabis dispensary 

First, dispensaries aren’t like the pot dealer on the street corner. They’re more like Apple stores or a jeweler. Dispensaries are legitimate, state-licensed operations. Security is tight.

Employees will ask to see your ID twice – once at the door and once at the register. This is to ensure you’re in fact 21 years or older. You’ll need a government-issued, valid form of identification, such as your license or passport. If it works at the airport, it will work here.

Due to age and possession restrictions, much like liquor, you can only buy cannabis for yourself. The resale of cannabis products you buy from a dispensary is prohibited and can result in serious legal ramifications.

Of course, if you’re interested in shopping at a recreational dispensary, know that it’s cash or debit only. Due to the federal legal status of cannabis, many banks are hesitant to jump in on the action. Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to either use an accepted debit card (Hennep accepts all debit card providers) or use a nearby ATM to withdraw some cash before you shop.

Lastly, some Cape Cod dispensaries have their own rules about outside food, drinks, and so on. We encourage you to bring in your dog, and we have our own that hangs out here! However, we ask that you don’t bring outside cannabis products into the store, including those from other Provincetown dispensaries.

Overall, dispensaries are safe shopping areas so you can shop for cannabis. Ask as many questions as you’d like to our highly trained staff, and check out securely.

What are all the different cannabis products you can buy on Cape Cod?

There’s almost an endless and ever-growing list of recreational cannabis products: 

  • Flower
  • Pre-rolls
  • Edibles
  • Tinctures
  • Vapes
  • Seltzers
  • And more 

Each product has a different onset time (the time it takes for the effects to kick in) and different pros and cons.

For instance, some options like seltzers or edibles are discreet with long-lasting effects. Others, such as smoking flower or pre-rolls, have a quicker onset but may not be as discreet. 

Here’s a crash course into some of the different cannabis products you can buy:


Cannabis-infused gummies, baked goods, chocolate, and more. Edibles are a great option if you don’t enjoy the potent smell of the cannabis plant or you’re not interested in smoking. 

You can find edibles in different ratios of THC (the psychoactive, ‘high’ inducing compound) and CBD (the non-psychoactive, more mellow compound). Both a pro and a con of edibles is they can take a long time to kick in and a long time to wear off. 

Each piece is equally dosed, often at 5mg of THC. However, different brands make different flavors and dosages. Ask your budtender for their recommendations based on what effect and flavor you’re interested in.


Yes, you can drink cannabis too! The new wave of edibles in a can, seltzers offer more possibilities for consumers that prefer more discretion. Each seltzer is often dosed at 2.5 or 5mg of THC.

Enjoy flavors like Peach Mango or Pomegranate and take more control over your dosage. Because cannabis seltzers have a quicker onset, you can pace yourself while drinking and adjust according to your needs.


Tinctures are usually consumed sublingually (under the tongue) and serve as a healthier alternative to smoking or eating. No need to worry about the sugars or food ingredients in edibles, and you don’t have to deal with the smoke that comes from burning cannabis. 

Tinctures also tend to be a bit more potent and dialed into the effects of specific strains of cannabis. The great thing about tinctures is they also set in quickly. You have a lot of flexibility in how you use them. 

Flower or Pre-Rolls

If you’ve ever seen the heavily textured green nugs that come up when you search “cannabis,” that’s cannabis flower. People grind that up and roll them into joints, which are offered by dispensaries as pre-rolls. 

At Hennep, we sell flower by the ½ oz, as well as dozens of options of pre-rolls. You can find information about THC percentages on our menu. We recommend asking a budtender if you’re interested in this option, as different strains affect us all differently!


Cannabis vaporizers, also known as vapes or vape pens, are a great way to consume discreetly and consistently. What’s helpful for a lot of consumers is that vapes are odorless!

Vape cartridges contain concentrated cannabis oil that’s heated by a battery and vaporized for inhalation. These products are potent and designed to be consumed in 2-3 second puffs. You can find flavored and unflavored versions of these cartridges, and you can even shop for disposable vapes in case you want to give them a try before committing to a full-blown vape device.

Sativa vs. Indica: what the heck is the difference?

We hear you, it’s just getting more complicated. Don’t worry, we’ll break this down for you too. 

The two main chemical varieties of cannabis: sativa and indica. These varieties come with different properties and can influence the effect you experience when consuming one versus the other.

Again, people can experience the same strain or product differently. So, take all this with a grain of salt.


Sativas are known for their ‘head high’ and uplifting, energizing effects. Some notable Sativa strains are Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, and Durban Poison.

When it comes to using recreational cannabis in Provincetown, Cape Cod, there’s plenty to do! Cannabis isn’t just meant to be a medicinal plant. You could:

  • Spend some time in nature and go for a walk and listen to music on one of Provincetown’s many hiking trails. 
  • Head over to the Sal’s pop-up at the Squealing Pig for a perfect date night. 
  • Stroll through Commercial Street for hidden gems. 


Indicas are known for their full-body relaxation effects (think: in-da-couch). Some notable Indica strains are Black Mamba, Granddaddy Purp, and Hindu Kush.

While Sativas will give you that bit of energy to go out and about, Indicas are typically better when you want to unwind and relax for a bit. Try:

  • Having a movie night with a free movie from the Provincetown Public Library. 
  • Cozying up and watching the sunset on one of Provincetown’s many beaches. 
  • Ordering burritos from Chach and just hanging out with a friend (solo dates are always acceptable too!).


Lastly, you have hybrids. As the name indicates, these are cannabis varieties that are a cross between Sativa and Indica. Hybrids are usually broken down by Sativa leaning, Indica leaning, and 50/50 hybrids. This helps you understand which effects are more prominent in any given strain.

Some notable hybrid strains are White Fire OG, Gorilla Glue, and Tahoe OG.

How to choose which cannabis product is right for you

The beauty of cannabis is there’s no one right way to consume it. Everyone is different!

You could choose some go-to methods and strains, or you could try them all and experiment based on your mood. Sometimes, it takes trial and error to figure out what you like best. 

We encourage you to start low and go slow, in addition to simply being patient. It can take some time to find what products work for you or fit into your life. Don’t give up if you find a product or two that you don’t enjoy.

Still stuck? Here are some top choices from our Hennep budtenders:

  • To just chill out, pack a bowl of White Fire OG. 
  • To laugh all night with your 21+ friends, share a Lava Cake Pre-Roll Pack. 
  • No time for a hangover? Hi-5 Cannabis Seltzers are the way to go. 

Are all Massachusetts dispensaries both medical and recreational?

Nope! Every dispensary can choose to be one, the other, or both. You’ll definitely find some dispensaries on Cape Cod and Provincetown that offer medical cannabis deals and services. At Hennep, we’re the one-stop shop for recreational cannabis users only. 

We specialize in all the fun ways people use cannabis, even when they don’t have a qualifying condition.

Is it normal to get really hungry and thirsty after consuming?

Absolutely! Cannabis enthusiasts usually call that feeling the “munchies.” When the munchies hit, you’ll want to have your favorite snacks on hand. 

If you’ve got an empty snack drawer, don’t worry. Here are our favorite munchie spots in Provincetown:

  • For breakfast food all day every day, try Liz’s Cafe on 31 Bradford St. 
  • For wake n’ bake essentials, head over to Kohi Coffee on 199 Commercial St.
  • If you’re feeling more of a baked goods vibe, visit Portuguese Bakery on 299 Commercial St.
  • For top-tier sandwiches, check out Far Land Provisions over on 150 Bradford St.
  • For year-round, can’t-ever-go-wrong seafood, check out Mac’s Seafood Year on 855 Shankpainter Rd.

What happens if I consume too much? 

It happens. Don’t freak! Start by focusing on your breathing and drinking some water. Staying hydrated helps with just about everything. 

Then, call or speak to someone you trust, like your best friend or your mom. Remember, this feeling will pass.

Ready to buy recreational cannabis on Cape Cod?

Our Provincetown location is staffed with some of the most highly trained budtenders. We have extensive knowledge of our inventory, and there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Our dispensary is known for our community-first, easy-peasy approach. So, you’ll be well taken care of when you stop by.

You can learn more about buying cannabis on Cape Cod by browsing through our Frequently Asked Questions. Or, drop by to visit us in-store to ask us questions in person.

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