Visiting a Cape Cod Dispensary for the First Time? Here’s What to Ask Your Budtender

There is no shortage of things to do in Provincetown, MA – whether you’re on vacation or a nearby local. And as the cannabis industry in Massachusetts continues to develop, more and more canna-curious consumers are interested in visiting a dispensary for the first time.

However, with all the strains and cannabis products, it can be really overwhelming to step into a recreational dispensary as a newbie.

Don’t fret – budtenders, or dispensary staff, are always present in-store to help answer any questions you might have while shopping. 

In fact, most adult-use dispensaries limit the number of people who can be in-store at a time so that you can get one-on-one support with a budtender. You can take time with your budtender to figure out the best product for your needs by communicating your experience with cannabis, your budget, and more.

Of course, there are some ground rules you’ll need to know before you visit a recreational dispensary for the first time. But, once you’ve got those down, you might have more specific questions about products when you’re in-store.

Here are three questions to ask your budtender if you’re visiting a Cape Cod dispensary for the first time:

What effect will this product have on me?

It can be overstimulating to see so many different forms and types of cannabis products in the dispensary, but our budtenders can narrow the entire Hennep menu down to one or two products for you to try based on what you’re looking for.

Think of them like cupid for your perfect cannabis product; they’ll use your preferences to find a match made in heaven. 

Different strains of cannabis produce different effects and different product forms (such as edible vs. flower) vary in the duration and onset of that effect. Be sure to ask your budtender about the effects of the products you’re interested in to make sure they align with your needs.

Whether you’re looking to add a little oomph to your beach day or mellow out to watch the sunset, you may have a preference for the type of effect you want. (But remember, public consumption is not allowed on the Cape Cod National Shoreline!)

What is the CBD:THC ratio?

The cannabis plant naturally contains a volume ratio of two cannabinoids known as CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This ratio is often adjusted through the manufacturing process for different cannabis products, such as edibles. 

CBD is known to have a more relaxing, subdued effect, while THC is known for its psychoactive, or “high,” effect. When combined in different proportions, you will experience different effects from the products you consume.

For instance, a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio will likely produce a mild psychoactive effect perfect for winding down at the end of a long workday, while a ratio of 10:1 CBD:THC will give you more of a relaxing effect, suited for pain relief, like cramps or post-workout soreness.

If you are entirely new to cannabis, it is best to select products that are lower in THC concentration. However, finding the right ratio of CBD to THC that works for you may take some experimentation. 

Asking these questions will help your budtender understand what you’re looking for and find you the right product.

What are your personal experiences with this product?

While different people experience cannabis in different ways, getting an idea of how other people feel while under the influence of a certain strain or product can offer you some insight into what to expect.

At Hennep, our budtenders are well-versed in our entire product inventory, which means they can tell you just about anything about all of our products. Ask your budtender if their experience with a certain product aligns with the effect you are trying to achieve.

Ready to visit a Cape Cod dispensary?

As you can see, budtenders are able to answer all your questions about cannabis – no matter your experience level. Whether you’re a first-timer or a regular consumer, our staff can help give you one-on-one, quality service at every visit.

If you’re ready to visit a Cape Cod dispensary, visit us at Hennep in Provincetown, MA, or skip the line and order online for pick-up.

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