Cannabis Flower in Provincetown

Not all cannabis flower is created equal. At Hennep in Provincetown, our recreational dispensary carries only the highest quality flower. It’s carefully curated to meet your needs as a customer.

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How is Cannabis Flower Used?

Cannabis flower is the dried, smokable part of the female cannabis plant. Flower or “bud” is popular for a number of reasons, including versatility. You can smoke it in a pipe, enjoy it as a pre-roll, vaporize it, or use it for cooking. You’re only limited by your accessories.

Types of Cannabis Flower Strains

There are three general types of cannabis, all of which can be used for recreational purposes. Every person has a unique endocannabinoid system that interacts with the compounds in cannabis to produce desired results. 

Factors such as metabolic rate, hydration levels, and state of mind can impact how cannabis affects your body. 

Here are the three main types of cannabis strains and how they work to promote wellness. 


Ease tension for both body and mind with an indica strain. Looking to relax and wind down after a long day? Indica is the perfect type of cannabis flower. Known for reducing stress levels, indica can also help minimize restlessness, overthinking, and discomfort for a better night’s sleep. 


Generally containing higher levels of THC than CBD, sativas can help you get through the day with a sharper focus and better motivation. While you probably won’t experience the same exact effects as someone else, sativa strains are known to reduce anxiety. You might feel more comfortable in social situations.


Hybrid cannabis flower is a mix of both indica and sativa. Hybrids may be the ideal combination if you want to relax the mind and body, while being able to perform daily activities. The flower’s parent strains will indicate how it will impact your body and mind. 

How to Choose Quality Cape Cod Cannabis Flower

At Hennep, we want you to walk into our Provincetown dispensary feeling confident that you’ll find the perfect flower for your needs. 

Everything we carry – from chocolate edibles to soothing tinctures – meets the high standards we’ve set. And we want you to feel that way as well. 

Here are some tips for choosing the best cannabis flower

Smell the Flower

One of the primary identifiers of quality Cape Cod cannabis is smell. Cannabis flower should have a pungent, skunky smell with scents that range from sweet to earthy to diesel-like. You can bring a pre-roll to your nose too and smell the prepared flower. 

The strong aroma is from terpene content. Terpenes are compounds found in all plants, with more than 150 identified in the cannabis plant. Each terpene has a unique smell and impact on the body. 

Lower quality cannabis often lacks smell or has a smell reminiscent of hay or alfalfa. This scent can be the result of subpar growing conditions or curing processes. 

Look at the Flower

The appearance of cannabis can also indicate quality. Bright, deep, vibrant colors are signs of high quality. Avoid flower that is pale, muted, or brownish in color.

Trichomes may also be visible, which are the tiny, hair-like growths that cover the cannabis flower. The plant looks like it has been dusted in sugar. Trichomes create and hold the compounds responsible for the flower’s smell, flavor, and effects.

Feel the Flower

Though you can’t physically touch the flower before buying, know that Hennep’s cannabis flower is cured for optimal moisture content. Too little moisture can lead to brittle, dry flower with minimal potency. Too much moisture can lead to mold. Ideal flower will feel soft and springy with some give. 

Ready to Shop Cape Cod Cannabis Flower?

If you’re over 21, we encourage you to visit our dispensary in Provincetown. Browse our menu and choose from a selection of carefully curated cannabis flower

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions of our knowledgeable budtenders. We all share the same goal of making cannabis flower consumption an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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