What to Buy at a Cannabis Dispensary for Beginners

Whether consumed for medicinal or recreational purposes, cannabis has endless benefits and alternative ways to be enjoyed based on your personal preferences and lifestyle.

Marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts have become like candy stores for adults with an endless selection of products and brands. Finding your groove with cannabis is a process. The experience can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for or what you like.

If you’re thinking about supercharging your recreational activities with cannabis and planning your first trip to your local Cape Cod dispensary, here is a guide to help you discover which beginner-friendly products would excite your journey with cannabis and make your visit less intimidating.


Smoking flower is the most popular way to consume cannabis due to its versatility.

Cannabis flower refers to the smokable part of the dried plant. You can smoke cannabis in a joint, blunt, bowl, or bong. Although there are a few ways to inhale the flower, rolling it in the smoking paper as a joint remains the most popular. Smoking cannabis, the effects are instantaneous, so it’s best to start slowly with a single puff to gauge how you feel.

Insa’s Cannatonnic CBD Flower is a favorite at our dispensary and great for beginner smokers. Cannatonic is mainly made up of CBD and has low THC, so the strain offers an uplifting sensation and calming high.

If you’re new to rolling, making the perfect joint that burns well can take time and effort. Pre-rolls are a convenient way for beginners to smoke. Each pre-rolled joint contains about 0.5-1 gram of weed for single use. Pre-rolls are a great way to try different strains while discovering what you enjoy before purchasing in large amounts. Our budtenders are always ready to help you find the perfect pre-rolls based on your desired mood.


If you tried smoking a joint and weren’t fond of inhaling the smoke, then you might enjoy vaporizers. They provide a customizable and odorless way to enjoy your weed. Vaporizer devices heat cannabis and concentrates in oil to a temperature that releases potent favorable vapors when inhaled. Vaping removes the harsh taste of combusted byproducts, which gives you a pleasant flavor.

At most cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts, you can purchase multi-use or disposable vape devices and cartridges with strains and flavors of your preference. Our budtenders can help you select any vape to enjoy a relaxing solo smoking session on the beach.


If you want a smoke-free way to consume cannabis, edibles are the way to go. Edibles are the most beginner-friendly ways to consume cannabis because of the variety of flavors and various product forms. You can enjoy the effects of cannabis while eating or drinking something delectable.

Edibles are food and beverages infused with cannabis at different levels. Cannabis infusions can be baked goods, drinks, and the most popular treat, gummies. Although edibles are one of the most potent ways to consume cannabis, it can take up to an hour to feel the onset effects, so it’s best to start with small dosages.

If you’re new to edibles, 1906’s Chill is a great introduction. It’s the perfect combination of THC and CBD in a pill to calm down at night or mellow out after a workout.

Gummies are a sweet and natural way to ingest cannabis. They are typically made with natural fruit and then infused with strain-specific full-spectrum cannabis oil. Havn Extracts’ Lemon Gummies at our dispensary are a great boost. These gummies are infused with Sour Diesel and Amnesia, two cannabis strains that breeders and connoisseur growers have praised for their uplifting effects.

Cannabis-infused drinks offer a faster activation than traditional food edibles. Here at Hennep, the Flavorless Beverage Enhancer provides an easy way to add cannabis to your favorite drink without the earthy taste.

If you would like to start with edibles, the budtenders at our Provincetown dispensary can show you a variety of products based on your preference.


Tinctures are liquid drops made from herbal extracts in which the cannabis plant soaks in alcohol to extract active chemicals. Like edibles, tinctures are generally high in potency and taken orally without inhaling smoke. Unlike edibles, tinctures take up to 15 minutes to feel the effects when swallowed orally. The duration can last four to twelve hours.

Another great advantage of tinctures is that they can be used to make your own infused edible. They can be added to your morning coffee or any snack that you’re eating throughout the day.

Howl’s Daytime Tincture is sativa dominant and perfect for igniting your creativity and focus.

Ready to make a trip to our Cape Cod Dispensary?

There are endless ways to experience and consume cannabis for your enjoyment. Once you try out the various recreational products available, you’ll know what you like best. Soon you’ll have your own ritual for incorporating cannabis into your recreational and wellness activities.

Our highly trained budtenders are ready to make your cape cod recreational dispensary visit an easy one and introduce you to your next favorite cannabis product. We have extensive knowledge and would be happy to answer any of your questions.

You can become familiar with the different cannabis products we carry by browsing through our recreational menu. Or, drop by to visit us in Provincetown to ask us questions in person.

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