Tinctures 101: How to Use Cannabis Tinctures

Tinctures 101: How to Use Cannabis Tinctures

Creating a precise and discrete dosing experience, cannabis tinctures have become increasingly popular and versatile in their forms of consumption and effects.

By extracting the cannabinoids and other rich compounds in cannabis, tinctures are taken sublingually and induce a more rapid onset and longer duration of effects.

Learn about the most effective way to take cannabis tinctures and why they’re favored by many cannabis consumers for their therapeutic benefits.

What is a cannabis tincture? 

A cannabis tincture is essentially a cannabis extract in liquid form, infused with cannabinoids, terpenes, and other rich compounds, and meant for sublingual consumption. Cannabis tinctures are created by soaking the cannabis plant in a base solvent liquid – such as glycerin, coconut oil, or food-grade alcohol.

After all the plant’s particles have soaked for a few days, the residual plant matter is strained out and the remaining rich compounds are extracted. These cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant infuse with the base liquid over time, resulting in a potent liquid form that’s ready to dose and consume.

From that extraction process for cannabis tinctures, products are often additionally infused with botanical flavors or other cannabis compounds, to formulate a specific blend of ingredients for specific and desired effects.

  • • At a cannabis dispensary in Provincetown, you may find cannabis tinctures typically come in 1 fl oz. (30mL) glass bottles and are topped with droppers to administer specific and consistent doses.
  • • Like edibles, most cannabis tinctures in Massachusetts will not exceed the 100mg THC potency.

How does a tincture compare to edibles? 

Both cannabis edibles and tinctures are different than smoking a joint, blunt, or bowl – THC and other compounds enter your bloodstream through different bodily systems, creating different onset and duration of effects.

Using a tincture or eating an edible means you’re absorbing these cannabinoids orally into the bloodstream, rather than via the lungs by smoking and inhaling.

However, tinctures are commonly considered to be more efficiently fast-acting than edibles.

  • • A tincture compares differently to edibles because of how it is absorbed when ingested orally.
  • • With edibles, you are eating and digesting your food or beverage with THC, rather than with tinctures the THC is absorbed under your tongue and entered into your bloodstream quicker.

When taken sublingually, cannabinoids enter the bloodstream through capillaries under the tongue instead of being processed by the liver like edibles.

This sublingual method with tinctures makes these a potent way to consume, especially considering how it’s a concentrated form of the essence of the cannabis plant.

How long does a high last from a tincture?

Compared to smoking or vaping cannabis, tinctures take longer to take effect. However, in comparison to edibles, tinctures can induce effects quickly due to their high bioavailability. In general, cannabis tinctures can take anywhere between 10 minutes – 30 minutes depending on a variety of external factors.

What is the most effective way to take tincture?

It’s important to remember the concentrated potency of tinctures and all of the therapeutic and powerful cannabinoids and effects they hold. Whether you’re a new explorer of cannabis tinctures or trying a new product, consider these practical tips for taking tinctures:

  • • Start slow and low – follow the suggested doser applicator on the tincture bottle, and adjust as needed to achieve your desired results.
  • • The suggested way to consume a cannabis tincture is to place the desired dose under your tongue, waiting around 20 – 30 seconds before swallowing.

What are the benefits of cannabis tinctures?

Tinctures are easy to use, can be accurately dosed, and rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream through sublingual methods. Additionally, tinctures also have a longer shelf life than many other types of cannabis products.

Discrete Cannabis Consumption

No smoke, lighters, papers, or smoke accessories are needed – cannabis tinctures are not only simple to consume but can be used discretely for enjoyment at any time.

Full-Spectrum Benefits 

With the way tinctures are made by extracting the whole cannabis plant, there are many forms of full-spectrum benefits from the plethora of cannabinoids and terpenes infused. Various full-spectrum benefits can lead to more therapeutic effects when consumed.

Fast-Acting Effects

Cannabis tinctures are known for their fast-acting effects due to their high bioavailability and sublingual uptake. This makes them one of the more faster and efficient ways to absorb cannabinoids.

Flexible Dosing 

Tinctures allow you to have precise and flexible dosing, depending on the specific contents and potencies of the product at hand. Some products will have a ratio of major cannabinoids, like THC and CBD. Dosing tinctures can be adjustable using the dropper top to administer the liquid under your tongue.

Recently, innovative cannabis brands have created tinctures that can be infused easily into food or beverage recipes for elevated deliciousness.

What are the best cannabis tinctures?

Whether it’s for occasional or daily relief, tinctures from cannabis brands like Treeworks of Massachusetts are loved for their efficient, balanced effects. Visit our dispensary in Provincetown and simply incorporate a cannabis tincture regimen into your daily plant wellness routine.

Check out this list of tinctures that our recreational shoppers and MA dispensary budtenders love:

Purist Drops: Simply Cannabis by Treeworks of Massachusetts 

  • • With equal parts CBD & THC, and no flavors added, Purist Drops are an ideal product for those looking for a well-balanced cannabis experience.

Dream Drops: Bedtime Bliss by Treeworks of Massachusetts

  • • Say goodnight with this soothing evening delight. This cannabis tincture is made with an herbal infusion of THC, CBD, chamomile, and valerian root to keep you in a deep sleep all night long.

Jungle Drops: Blueberry Entourage by Treeworks of Massachusetts 

  • • This cannabis tincture proudly won the 2022 High Times Cannabis Cup for its complete “Entourage Experience!” With the medicinal benefits from THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC packed into one tincture, Jungle Drops create a well-balanced, uplifting yet soothing mind and body experience that’s unlike the rest.

Shop Hennep for Cannabis Tinctures 

At our cannabis dispensary in MA, we carry a wide selection of cannabis tinctures from our favorite brands and farmers throughout the state!

Stop by our dispensary in Provincetown to explore all the wonders of cannabis tinctures and the potent power and therapeutic effects they can provide. Browse our online Provincetown dispensary menu to shop all cannabis products and categories.

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