Cannabis Jell-O Shots

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Try this super simple Cannabis Jell-O Shots recipe that is perfect for any occasion. Simply add in your favorite cannabis tincture or beverage enhancer and enjoy endless flavor combinations for your homemade cannabis-infused dessert.

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Whether it’s a backyard barbecue or a night indoors with friends, no one could ever say no to Jell-O shots. This cannabis dessert recipe is a super simple way to get the party started and entertain your guests (or simply indulge by yourself – no judgment here).

Not only is gelatin, or Jell-O, already super easy to make, but with the right cannabis product, it is even easier to turn it into a yummy edible.

And just like taking an edible, the worst part of this recipe will be the waiting period.

How to Make the Best Cannabis Jell-O Shots

The best part about these cannabis-infused Jell-O shots is that there are a lot of options on how to dose this dessert. You could use your favorite cannabis tincture or beverage-enhancing product.

We found that the easiest way is to use a Good Feels Beverage Enhancer. (Is Jell-O technically a beverage? We’ll say it is if you will.) Their on-the-go beverage enhancers are not only fast-acting, but they have a clean, well-balanced taste that actually makes cooking with cannabis as flavorful as it is fun.

The first step is to select your Jell-O flavor and decide if you want to use the Good Feels Lemon Lime enhancer or the flavorless one. We like to keep it green and use a lime-flavored gelatin mix with the lemon-lime Good Feels enhancer, but you could go with any flavor that sounds good to you.

Don’t count out Jell-O’s instant pudding mix products either. Some flavorless Good Feels and infused whipped cream paired with a Strawberry Cheesecake or Pumpkin Spice pudding sounds *chef’s kiss*.

Next, follow the instructions listed on the Jell-O box.

Start by pouring the powdered gelatin into a mixing bowl. Add boiling water to the gelatin mix, and stir for 2 minutes until it’s completely dissolved.

Next, you’ll be called to stir in cold water. During this step, use the marked dropper on your Good Feels Beverage Enhancer and add in your desired dose.

Then, just wait for the magic to happen in the fridge! (Just like our No-Bake Cannabis Peanut Butter Bars). You should refrigerate your Cannabis Jell-O for at least 4 hours, or until the gelatin is firm and doesn’t stick to your fingers when touched.

If you’re making classic Jell-O to enjoy, be sure to dose responsibly. If you’re planning on making Cannabis Jell-O Shots, you increase your dose based on your tolerance. (You could even add the entire bottle if you wanted to.) If needed, hold back a little of the cold water you add to make up for the extra liquid being added from the Good Feels.

Another way to add a little THC-oomph to your Jell-O would be to add some infused whipped cream. You can do this by adding a dropper-full of Good Feels to a cup of heavy whipping cream with a bit of sugar and beating at a high speed for a few minutes.


  • 1 3 oz box lime gelatin (Jell-O brand or other)
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1 cup cold water
  • Good Feels Lemon Lime Beverage Enhancer


  1. Add powdered gelatin to a bowl or container with the boiling water and stir for 2 minutes, ensuring the powder has dissolved.
  2. Add in the cold water and desired amount of Beverage Enhancer, stir to combine.
  3. Pour into molds or cups if desired and refrigerate for 4 hours or until firm to touch.
  4. Remove from the fridge, serve, and enjoy!
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Perfect summer treat

May 26, 2023

Easy to make, great for a picnic dessert or party favor!


Perfect summer treat

May 26, 2023

Easy to make, great picnic dessert or party favor!


Delicious, easy, & fun!

May 16, 2023

Loved recipe for a Friday evening get together. All of my guests thought they were delicious and fun!


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