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Many Cape Cod cannabis consumers prefer tinctures for full-spectrum and benefit-specific results. Tinctures are liquid cannabis-infused products with a high bioavailability and formulated with potent cannabinoids for a variety of therapeutic effects. From pets to humans, tinctures like Treeworks of Massachusetts are created for efficient relief. Visit our dispensary in Provincetown and simply incorporate into your daily plant wellness regimen.



About Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are liquid cannabis-infused products, often contained in a glass bottle with a pipet for administration. Many recreational users on Cape Cod prefer this consumption method for benefit-specific results and its oral administration.

From full-spectrum to cannabinoid-specific formulas, tinctures are also preferred by many for their odorless and smokeless consumption and how they can be infused into various foods or beverages.

Derived from careful extraction methods, the cannabinoids and compounds in cannabis are then mixed with carrier oil for optimal bioavailability.

Staff Picks for Tinctures

Browse our Provincetown dispensary’s favorite brands and staff picks of cannabis tinctures! Explore brands like Treeworks of Massachusetts’ Daily Cannabis Drops in Sunrise Punch for a delicious and healthy dose for the day!

Buying Tinctures at Our Dispensary

Discover a selection of cannabis-infused tinctures from quality, trusted brands at our Provincetown dispensary. Most tinctures will vary in milliliters and doses, read tincture packaging accordingly.

Customers must be over the age of 21 with a valid state-issued ID. All cannabis purchases are limited to up to 5gs of concentrate or tinctures (up to 10 tinctures) per person per day.

How to Consume Tinctures

With a high bioavailability, cannabis tinctures are widely used for their therapeutic effects and medicinal abilities. When a compound is bioavailable, the body can consistently absorb a large percentage of it. The method of administration for tinctures plays a crucial role in bioavailability.

Sublingual administration is the ideal way to consume tinctures. It involves using the pipet to get your desired dose and squeezing the dropper to place the tincture under your tongue.

Let the cannabis oil sit there for 20-60 seconds so it dissolves and gets absorbed through the blood vessels under your tongue. This way, the absorption and uptake of beneficial cannabinoids into your body happen faster.