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By activating cannabinoid receptors in the skin, cannabis topicals work to address pain, inflammation, and discomfort. Topicals can come in the form of balms, salves, and moisturizers, helping provide relief to the direct area applied. Explore the best topicals in Provincetown for all your wellness needs at our dispensary. Brands like Nordic Goddess and Topicas provide soothing, source-specific relief to topical areas of the body while leaving your skin refreshed and moisturized.



Product Attune Muscle Freeze
THC: 72.8mg
CBD: 56mg


Attune Muscle Freeze

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About Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis topicals are a form of cannabis product that doesn’t require direct consumption or ingestion but is applied topically to affected areas of the body.

Because of this, topicals are extremely common for therapeutic relief from a variety of conditions or ailments, such as muscle or joint pain, migraines, skin inflammation, and more.

These topicals can also come in the form of balms, massage oils, salves, creams, or lotions. At our Hennep Cape Cod dispensary, we carry topicals from trusted brands that formulate potent cannabinoids and quality ingredients for soothing effects.

Staff Picks for Topicals

Browse our Provincetown dispensary’s favorite brands and staff picks of cannabis topicals! Rejuvenate and revive sore muscles or pain with the Cooling Balm infused with THC and CBG by Nordic Goddess for direct relaxation of the body.

Buying Topicals at Our Dispensary

Read the label for accurate directions on applying topicals. Speak to your doctor or health care provider before using any cannabis topical products in replacement of medication or prescribed ointments. Customers must be over the age of 21 with a valid state-issued ID. All cannabis topicals and oils shall not be limited to daily purchases.

How to Use Topicals

Use cannabis topicals as you would apply a typical balm, salve, or lotion. Simply apply a moderate amount to the desired area where you’re seeking pain or discomfort. Rub the topical into the skin fully and wait a few minutes for alleviating symptoms.