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From shatter, crumble, hash, wax, and live rosin, cannabis concentrates come in a variety of types. Different extraction methods create varying consistencies and are highly potent in THC. Cannabis concentrate brands like Haze, High Supply, and Cresco are packed with potent cannabinoids and robust terpene profiles to produce strong effects that will knock you into a state of pure bliss. Discover our selection of the best concentrates at our dispensary in Provincetown.

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Product Kief Topper | Gibby's Blend | 2g
THC: 47.95%

Gibby's Garden

Kief Topper | Gibby's Blend | 2g

Add to Cart, Kief Topper | Gibby's Blend | 2g
Product Cornbread | Dry Budder Wax .5g
THC: 73.1%
CBD: 0.1%

High Supply

Cornbread | Dry Budder Wax .5g

Add to Cart, Cornbread | Dry Budder Wax .5g
Product Humble Pie | Budder Wax .5g
THC: 71.6%
CBD: 0.1%

High Supply

Humble Pie | Budder Wax .5g

Add to Cart, Humble Pie | Budder Wax .5g
Product Live Diamonds & Sauce | Hash Plant | 1g
THC: 89.31%
CBD: 0.05%

Nature's Heritage

Live Diamonds & Sauce | Hash Plant | 1g

Add to Cart, Live Diamonds & Sauce | Hash Plant | 1g
Product Diamonds & Sauce | Crescendo | 1g
THC: 89.18%

Nature's Heritage

Diamonds & Sauce | Crescendo | 1g

Add to Cart, Diamonds & Sauce | Crescendo | 1g
Product Lemon Jeffery | Full Spectrum Bubble Hash | 1g
THC: 71.06%

Ocean Breeze

Lemon Jeffery | Full Spectrum Bubble Hash | 1g

Add to Cart, Lemon Jeffery | Full Spectrum Bubble Hash | 1g
Product White Durban | Badder .5g
THC: 80.25%


White Durban | Badder .5g

Add to Cart, White Durban | Badder .5g

About Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates give you all the potency and flavor of the plant in its purest, most condensed form. From shatter, to crumble, wax, and hash, concentrates come in a variety of potencies and types.

As a concentrated form of the cannabis plant itself, all cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted and plant matter is removed in this extraction process. Additionally, various methods are used when it comes to concentrate extraction.

Some concentrates are made using a solvent solution to separate the potent cannabinoids from the plant matter. Other extraction methods are completely solventless or require a simpler process of ice water and sifting. For instance, live rosin concentrate is made using a more simple extraction process of heat and pressure.

Aside from the extraction process used for concentrates, the input of the quality flower or cultivar used will influence the effects and flavor profile. Overall, cannabis concentrates have a much higher THC content and potency and should be consumed in small amounts.

Staff Picks for Concentrates

Browse our Provincetown dispensary’s favorite brands and staff picks on potent cannabis concentrates! Explore brands like High Supply and Nature’s Heritage.

Rhythm’s White Durban Badder is a high-powered sativa with a terpene-tasty start to your day. Treeworks of Massachusetts’ Platinum Garlic Live Hash Rosin has a super herbal and garlic aroma that will melt you into a subtle and relaxing full-body high.

Buying Concentrates at Our Dispensary

Hennep Cape Cod dispensary offers a wide selection of cannabis concentrates for users seeking a potent method of intake.

Popular types of concentrates include:

  • Badder: Cake-like batter texture
  • Shatter: Brittle texture like glass
  • Diamond: Crystalized
  • Wax: Softer and sticky to touch
  • Sauce: Sticky liquid texture
  • Crumble: Falls apart or “crumbles”
  • Sugar: Resembles wet table sugar

Customers must be over the age of 21 with a valid state-issued ID. All concentrate purchases are limited to up to 5g of cannabis per day.

How to Consume Concentrates

Depending on the type of cannabis concentrate, there are a few different ways to consume concentrates. Common forms include a dab rig, using a traditional torch or electrical, mobile vaporizers, or even sprinkled into your joint, bowl, or blunt.

Between sticky, waxy, liquidy, and glassy – the consistency of the concentrate can help you determine the best way to consume it.

Our Provincetown dispensary carries the latest accessories for cannabis concentrates from top brands you know and love! Accessories like the Puffco Budsy or PAX Era Pro make smoking on the go and discreet. Puffco Plus is the ultimate mobile vaporizer for dabbing your favorite concentrates.