Exploring the Variety of Cannabis in Massachusetts

Walk into our MA recreational dispensary and experience the largest selection of cannabis products you’ll find in Cape Cod! Our passionate staff at Hennep is here to lead you in navigating your cannabis journey.

From deliciously decadent edibles, soothing topicals, potent concentrates, and a large array of Massachusetts cannabis flower – there’s a product for every lifestyle or occasion. Consider this blog the ultimate starter guide to exploring the unique variety of cannabis in Massachusetts.

Cannabis Flower

Known as its initial form as a result of cultivation, cannabis flower is the dried flower bud from female cannabis plants that is popular for its accessibility and versatility.

Additionally, cannabis flower is categorized as being either sativa, indica, or hybrid – but the truth is, there’s a large assortment of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant compounds that make up its unique chemical profile.

Consumption Methods of Flower

Overall, cannabis flower is extremely popular for its versatile consumption. Explore our accessories at Hennep to learn all of the latest and greatest devices and pieces to enjoy your cannabis flower. You can consume cannabis flower in:

  • Bongs, bowls, pipes & glass pieces
  • Joints & blunts
  • Herbal vaporizers

Pros & Cons of Flower:

Some advantages of smoking cannabis flower include:

  • Combustible, with fast-acting effects
  • Can customize dosing
  • Large selection of strain variety

In contrast, a few cons to consider about flower include:

  • Risk of smoke-related health concerns
  • Strong cannabis smell/odor
  • Not as discreet as other methods

Browse the menu at our marijuana dispensary in Cape Cod to learn more about our selection of cultivars.

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Deliciously Decadent Edibles

Enjoy all of the benefits of cannabis consumption in a more delicious, edible form! Cannabis edibles are infused with all the potent goods of the cannabis plant – just broken down and infused into snacks, chocolates, gummies, and just about any food or beverage you can imagine.

Endless Edible Options

In today’s cannabis culture, the options for edibles seem endless! Stop in our Cape Cod dispensary and you’ll find cannabis edibles for every craving – from decadent chocolate bars, sweet or sour gummies, even cannabis-infused ice cream! Who knew your favorite post-cannabis munchies snack would become a potent edible itself?!

Cannabis Beverages & Mocktails

Another recently popular form of consuming cannabis is through infused beverages or mocktails. Our recreational dispensary menu includes sodas, seltzers, coffees, and juices all infused with THC or CBD for an elevated and bubbly social experience. Swap out the alcohol and sip on a delicious cannabis seltzer at your next social gathering!

Pros & Cons of Edibles

A few advantages of consuming cannabis edibles include:

  • Discreet and odorless consumption
  • Prolonged duration of effects
  • Precise dosing on packaging

However, a few of the downsides of many edibles can include:

  • Delayed onset of effects
  • Easier risk of overconsumption
  • Go through your digestive system before entering the bloodstream

Especially with edibles, many brands offer edibles with specific cannabinoid infusions, such as CBN, CBD, or CBG. Browse our Cape Cod dispensary’s shelf of cannabis edibles to find the right tasty treat for your lifestyle needs!

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Cannabis tinctures are a liquid form of cannabis extractions, often mixed with food-grade alcohol or an oil base for consumption. These tincture products often come in a glass bottle with a pipet for administration.

Those who are interested in trying cannabis tinctures can administer it under the tongue for quick results, or mix it into your cooking or beverage of choice. At our Cape Cod dispensary, many customers favor cannabis tinctures for benefit-specific results.

Pros & Cons of Cannabis Tinctures

Besides being discreet, many users favor tinctures as their form of cannabis consumption because of:

  • Precise and accurate dosing
  • Fast acting effects
  • Better bioavailability, when taken sublingually

However, when considering the cons of tinctures, it’s important to note that alcohol-based tinctures may not be suitable for all audience types. Luckily, many tinctures can consist of alternative bases, like hemp or MCT oil – browse our dispensary menu to learn more about the variety of cannabis tinctures available.

Cannabis Concentrates

Like the name, concentrates are a concentrated form of cannabis. After a vigorous extraction process, the result of concentrates is a purely sticky substance that is rich in THC – so you can enjoy all the potent parts of the plant without the unnecessary plant extras.

From shatter, wax, badder, sauce, rosin, resin, diamond, crumble, and sugar – cannabis concentrates are defined by their extraction process and the consistency and look of the end result. No matter which form of cannabis concentrate you choose, you’re in for a high-potency experience full of tasty terps.

Consuming Cannabis Concentrates

The most common method of consuming cannabis concentrates is through inhalation – this can include concentrate vaporizers, dab rigs, and bowls. You can also consume concentrates by adding them to joints to increase potency or use them in making edibles (like chocolate).

Most importantly, cannabis concentrate vape cartridges are also highly favored by consumers for their high potency and discreet consumption. Browse our Cape Cod dispensary to view our list of cannabis concentrates in all forms.

Pros & Cons of Cannabis Concentrates

Many popular advantages of concentrates include:

  • Minimal odor compared to joints or bongs
  • Higher THC potency
  • Quick onset of potent effects

In contrast, a few cons of consuming cannabis concentrates include:

  • High THC consumption can have negative experiences for consumers
  • More accessories and devices are required for consumption, not just your typical grinder and lighter.
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Topicals are a form of cannabis that is not necessarily consumed but applied directly onto the skin and body for effective results. Often infused with alleviating cannabinoid compounds such as CBD or THC, topicals can help a variety of symptoms including skin rashes or irritations, and inflammation. They can even help soothe muscle aches and pains.

Cannabis topicals can be made to be transdermal patches, body balms, lotions, and skin creams – making it the ultimate natural cannabis product for wellness.

Pros & Cons of Cannabis Topicals

  • Because they’re applied on your skin, topicals won’t get you high
  • Targeted relief for localized pain
  • No risk of overconsuming or intoxication

In contrast, some negatives of cannabis topicals can include:

  • Limited systemic effects & benefits
  • Non-psychoactive high


While smoking flower is a popular form of consumption, sometimes the process to get there isn’t all that simple. It requires a lighter, a grinder, papers, or whatever smoke accessory you need to spark up. If that sounds like too much for you, or you’re looking for a more faster, on-the-go cannabis consumption, pre-rolls are the perfect option!

Pre-rolls are often dosed as .5g or 1g joints that are already filled up and rolled up, ready for you to enjoy!

Quality Pre-Rolls for Elevated Experiences

For many years, pre-rolls were considered low-quality because the drier plant parts (including stems and leaves) were being used in production to save costs. At Hennep dispensary in Provincetown, we only carry quality pre-rolls from trusted cannabis brands in Massachusetts – browse our dispensary menu to find a wide variety of infused pre-roll options for any experience!

Pros & Cons of Pre-Rolls

Many users favor pre-rolls for the following:

  • Easy, convenient, on-the-go use
  • Consistent and precise dosing
  • Removes the hassle of additional smoke devices or accessories

Alternatively, some cons of pre-rolls include:

  • Limited strain variety
  • Lack of freshness

Find Variety & Quality Cannabis at Hennep in Provincetown

Let Hennep be your gateway access to a variety of cannabis products in Massachusetts. At our Cape Cod dispensary, we do things differently. We focus on exceptional customer service and high-quality products to deliver cannabis tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

Hennep Dispensary in Provincetown was awarded “Cape Cod’s Best Dispensary 2023“ & “Cape Cod’s Best Dispensary 2022“ for our love of cannabis and the passion we have to guide you through your cannabis experience.

So come on by our dispensary in Massachusetts and learn about the endless options of quality cannabis goods and the many methods of consumption that follow! When it comes to cannabis, selection is important – choose Hennep to explore the variety of cannabis in Massachusetts.

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