Celebrating Hennep’s 3rd Anniversary: with Laura Amato Q+A

As we blossom into the beautiful Spring and Summer seasons here in Cape Cod, Hennep is proud to be celebrating its 3rd Anniversary!

When Andrew Koudijs and Colin Noel opened their dispensary doors in 2021, the co-owners aimed to bring the magical benefits of cannabis to the inclusive community in Provincetown. They wanted to create not just a top-notch dispensary, but a welcoming environment that invites consumers to come on in, swap stories, and leave breathing easy.

For the past three years, Hennep has been the leading Cape Cod dispensary supplying earth-friendly, local cannabis products while continuously giving back to our diverse community.

If you’ve visited our Provincetown dispensary over the years, you know our staff of budtenders at Hennep is dedicated to bringing you a dispensary experience unlike any other.

This year, we’re looking forward to an exciting summer season ahead! Come celebrate Hennep’s 3rd Anniversary, stop by to say high, and explore the exciting new products and deals on our dispensary shelves.

A Look Back at the Last Three Years

Over time, Hennep has grown its dispensary menu with a vast selection of local and craft cannabis products – and we’ve grown our loyal customer base into a community of cannabis enthusiasts here in P-Town! In just three years of opening our dispensary in Cape Cod, check out some of our biggest high-lights:

  • We have hit a 5-star rating on Google, with over 460 dispensary reviews and ratings! If you haven’t shared your love for Hennep, leaving a Google rating or review would be a sweet anniversary treat!
  • Our dispensary staff has grown to be an incredible team of passionate, knowledgeable budtenders and cannabis experts (around 20 team members) helping the MA community.

Bringing Big Cannabis Energy to Provincetown

Aside from our mindfully selected dispensary product selection, Hennep stands out in Massachusetts as an award-winning dispensary for 2 years! Hennep Provincetown was awarded “Cape Cod’s Best Dispensary” in both 2021 and 2022 by Cape Cod Community Choice Awards.

Our dispensary’s love for cannabis and our community makes us dedicated to improving people’s lives through the power of the plant. Hennep is honored to hold the title of Best Dispensary in Cape Cod for our exceptional customer service, high-quality products, and the best customer experience possible.

This year, we’re hoping to keep the winning streak going! The newest round of voting for the Best Dispensary in Cape Cod is open to public voting from May 17th – May 31st. Don’t miss out on your chance to vote for your favorite dispensary the best in Cape Cod!

A Q&A Sesh with Hennep Manager Laura Amato

While our dispensary celebrates another year serving the Cape Cod community, many incredible staff members are sharing a 3rd anniversary with Hennep, too!

Laura Amato has been a dispensary manager for almost 4 years now, and is confident that Hennep has made a name for itself in the Cape Cod and Provincetown communities. She gets excited each time she sees locals and tourists come back to visit the dispensary every year. With such a diverse group of amazing team members, Laura says working here truly feels like family.

When did you first discover or learn about Hennep Dispensary?

  • I learned about Hennep Dispensary several years ago. I have known the family for a long time; I was unemployed at the time they asked me to join the team as they started to move into the Massachusetts market.

What is your personal connection or relationship with the cannabis plant?

  • My personal connection with the cannabis plant is storied – in high school I thought I was Janis Joplin. I always had a 5th of Southern Comfort in the inside pocket of my jacket and a pipe in hand, always. I ran away before graduation and flew to West Hollywood, California. By that time, I had ‘grown up’ and swore off drugs. Fast forward to 6 years ago when I smoked my first joint in years and almost dialed 911…it was a Sativa! The friend I smoked with harnessed the sativa energy and worked on her computer while I hyperventilated. I have since embraced the medicine in cannabis and have gotten off Opiates (Klonopin) by using 1:1 cannabis products (edibles). One by-product of cannabis consumption for me is that I just don’t drink anymore! I don’t wake up groggy, dehydrated, and overall hung over with cannabis. No more Janis Joplin for me!

What has been one of the biggest challenges of operating a dispensary in Massachusetts/P-Town? What has been one of the more surprisingly fun details or factors?

  • One of the biggest challenges is maintaining business and sanity in the dead of winter here in Provincetown. The surprisingly fun details are how the locals become your family. It is really a wonderful by-product of having to struggle through the quiet of winter.

What is the most common question you get at Hennep? (What is your answer?)

  • The most Common Question is: Do you have gummies? My answer is: Yes! Many! 2nd common question is whether the effects of taking an indica gummy for sleep will make you feel groggy in the morning. My answer is always “Not if you take it as prescribed and start low and slow.” I also let people know it isn’t the same for everyone, and it may take a few experiences with it before you find that sweet spot dose that’s right for you.

What is one common misconception about cannabis you wish more people knew about?

  • There is still the stigma of Cannabis whereby many do not see the medicinal benefits when used properly. Or, how it can take the place of many opiates without the addiction.

What are the most common top 3 product categories currently at Hennep? How have you seen that top 3 change over the years?

  • Edibles continue to get more interesting, potent, and fun! 
  • Pre-Rolls are also popular. The variety of infused products on the market combined with tea leaf wraps (blunts) has been a novelty in some cases but always fun!
  • And then of course flower. We now sell it “Deli-Style” fresh and by the gram. I have been pleasantly surprised with how well this has taken off, especially with our local clientele.

What is your favorite product on the dispensary menu?

What do you consider to be one of the most monumental or memorable experiences at Hennep?

  • Winning Cape Cod’s Best Dispensary – I am confident we maintain the promise of the most friendly engaging experience at Hennep.

In the next three years, where do you hope to see Hennep?

  • On every shelf in every dispensary in Massachusetts!

Putting Our Passion for the Plant & Community First at Hennep

As our dispensary rings in our third year of serving high-quality cannabis products to the P-Town community, we invite you to stop by our dispensary in Cape Cod to come celebrate.

Our love for cannabis and our customers makes us dedicated to improving people’s lives. The passionate staff you’ll find at Hennep cares about your unique cannabis experience and will guide you through a one-on-one consultation to ensure you’re confident and happy with each purchase.

With a large variety of local, earth-friendly cannabis products and an exceptional in-house brand of flower and concentrates, there’s a whole lot of goodness to go around at Hennep!

Order online for pick-up or stop by in-store to see what’s new! Browse cannabis-infused recipes in our blog to get inspired in the kitchen.

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